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Księżniczka Ola.

Aleksandra, 22. Recent graduate with a double major in History and Russian Studies with a focus on Eastern Europe and the development of the former Eastern Bloc and current Political Science student -- but what I actually want to do with my life is beyond me.

In general, I drink way too much coffee, stay up way too late and what I do with the spare time I do have would probably baffle most people. Here you'll find history, politics, international affairs, fandoms, historical costuming, cosplay, and who knows what else -- if not your cup of tea, haters to the right.
Apr 4 '13

“A Heart Full of Love”

Marius: TranquilChaos28
Cosette: LifeAsAnArtist
Photo and Editing: Me (Lightning-St0rm)

So I went to a convention over the weekend… so maybe I’m a cosplayer…
But pay no mind to the crazy costumed kid over here — aren’t they just gorgeous!?

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    Let’s just bring this back because I stumbled across this set and am still in love with these two. I one day hope to get...
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    Holy aksjhd these turned out so well ! Shi looks so beautiful sjdhf help !